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TGM for the Implementation of the Hawai'i State Contingency Plan
Section 15.4

FTC Funding
The FTC initiative will be funded completely through cost recovery. HDOH will implement a cost recovery process consistent with cost recovery provisions of HRS 128D-5. The cost recovery framework, including hourly rates for HDOH review and consultation services, a fee schedule, estimated total hours for review services, and justification of rates, will be developed by HDOH and communicated to the public by June 30, 2009.

Sites entering FTC prior to June 30, 2009, will be provided HDOH oversight and consultation services at no cost through that date. Sites that have entered into but not completed FTC at that date will be given 60 days notice of the initiation of cost recovery. Applications received after June 30, 2009, will require a fee/deposit in order to initiate the process.


Following review of the screening form, the HEER Office will schedule a scoping meeting with the applicant to discuss the project goals, objectives, resources, plans, guidelines, and schedule. The meeting will also review the requirements of the Application and Agreement Form (provided in Appendix 15-B). The initial scoping meeting is conducted at no cost to the FTC applicant. A flow chart depicting the overall process and key decision points of the FTC is presented in Figure 15-2. Appendix 15-C provides responses to Frequently Asked Questions regarding FTC.

If the site meets eligibility requirements, and all parties concur that FTC will meet the applicant's goals, then the applicant will submit the FTC Application and Agreement. The application includes statements regarding the roles and responsibilities of all parties, known site conditions, project history, status of sampling plan or investigation report, review schedules, and an understanding of the HEER Office cost recovery process. The HEER Office will review the application for completeness and if no modifications are required, will return a signed version of the application constituting an agreement for the FTC. A follow-up meeting may be recommended to ensure understanding of the roles and responsibilities outlined in the agreement.

The agreement is non-binding; The HEER Office or the participant may terminate at any time. Participants may leave the program without cause. The HEER Office may terminate the agreement with cause if it believes that the quality of work is poor or adherence to State guidelines has not been adequately achieved.

Since FTC-eligible sites are without offsite impacts or immediate risks to human health or the environment, the HEER Office would not typically pursue the site as a State-led oversight project while the agreement is in effect.

Since FTC may be used at sites that already have been investigated or cleaned up, the scoping meeting may be used to discuss quality and completeness of existing data and any potential data gaps that would need to be addressed to meet the FTC requirements. The applicant still will be required to submit an application.

Figure 15-2
Figure 15-2. Fast Track Cleanup Process Flow Chart