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TGM for the Implementation of the Hawai'i State Contingency Plan
Section 7


  7-1 Decision Logic for Subsurface Vapor Hazards
  7-2 Comparison of HEER Indoor Air Action Levels to Typical Indoor Air Concentrations of Common VOCs.
  7-3 Comparison of Soil Vapor & Indoor Air Sampling Approaches.
  7-4 Common Soil Vapor Concentration Unit Conversion Factors.
  7-5 Comparison of TCE and PCE Results for Passive Diffusion Sampler and Active Soil Gas Sample.
  7-6 Sand Pack Porosity Volume (ml).
  7-7 Tubing Volume (ml).
  7-8 Comparison of Tracer Leak Check Methods.
  7-9 Comparison of Leak Check Tracers.
  7-10 Summary of Soil Vapor & Indoor Air Analytical Methods.
  7-11 HDOH-Recommended Laboratory Analytical Methods for Soil Vapor or Indoor Air Contaminants and Leak Detection Compounds.