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TGM for the Implementation of the Hawai'i State Contingency Plan
Section 7


  7-1. Example Vapor Plume Contours and Vapor Intrusion Pathways.
  7-2 Conceptual Model of Soil Vapor Transport Including Biodegradation Process.
  7-3 Complete Exposure Pathway CSM for Soil Vapor to Indoor Air.
  7-4 Schematic of Soil Vapor Concentration Profile.
  7-5 Summa Canisters (spherical and cylindrical containers) with Flow Controllers (smaller gauges and blue box).
  7-6 Summa Canister and Flow Controller Setups (note smaller flow controller on left).
  7-7 Summa Canister and Flow Controller Parts.
  7-8 One-liter Tedlar Bag with Disposable Syringe and Three-way Valve for Filling.
  7-9 Sorbent Tubes.
  7-10 Two Examples of Passive Soil Vapor Sample Collectors.
  7-11 Two Examples of Indoor Air Passive Sample Collectors.
  7-12 Passive Diffusion Sampler (PDS).
  7-13 Schematic Diagram and Photograph of Flux Chamber.
  7-22 Typical Temporary Soil Vapor Probe.
  7-23 Installing a Temporary Soil Vapor Probe Using a Direct-Push Drill Rig.
  7-24 Vapor Point Completions.
  7-25 Typical Nested Permanent Soil Vapor Sampling Probes.
  7-26 Installation of a Permanent Soil Vapor Probe.
  7-27 Schematic of Typical Sub-Slab Soil Vapor Sampling Probe (see also Figure 7-28 & 7-29).
  7-28 Sub-Slab Soil Vapor Sampling Probes.
  7-29 Sub-Slab Soil Vapor Sampling Probes.
  7-30 Installation of a Vapor Pin™ with a silicon sleeve directly into slab.
  7-31 Soil Vapor Probe Purging Devices.
  7-32 Example Vacuum Gauges for Purging and Sample Collection using a Summa Canister Sampling Train (see also Figure 7-34 and Figure 7-35).
  7-33 Lung Boxes with Tedlar bag. Vacuum is drawn on sealed lung box, causing the Tedlar bag to pull vapor from the collection point and fill.
  7-34. Summa canister sampling trains.
  7-35. Example Soil Vapor Sample Collection Setups.
  7-36 Soil Vapor Sampling Trains Arranged for Shut-in Test (see also Figure 7-35).
  7-37 Example PVC Coupling "Water Dam" Sealed to Floor with Inert Putty for Leak Testing Slab-mounted Vapor Point.
  7-38 Shroud Over Vapor Probe Surface Completion.
  7-39 Method 2 Helium Shroud Leak Testing Systems.
  7-40 Typical Summa Canister Indoor Air Sampling Apparatus.
  7-41 Installing a Passive Soil Vapor Sample Collector by Hand.
  7-42 Example Plume Map from Grid-based Passive Soil Vapor Survey.
  7-43 Typical Duplicate Sampling Apparatus (see also Figure 23).