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TGM for the Implementation of the Hawai'i State Contingency Plan
Section 6


  6-1 Diagram of a Typical Groundwater Monitoring Well
  6-2 Portion of PVC Well Screen and Flush Threaded Bottom Cap
  6-3 Hollow Stem Auger with PVC Well Casing
  6-4 Installation of Well Head Protection
  6-5 Traffic Rated Flush Mounted Well Head Box
  6-6 Above Ground Well Head Box with Steel Bollard Guards
  6-7 Example Monitoring Well Installation Log
  6-8 Example Well Development Log
  6-9 Diagram of Pre-Pack Monitoring Well Assembly
  6-10 Oil-water Interface Meter
  6-11 Example Groundwater Sampling Log
  6-12 Low-flow bladder pump within a monitoring well
  6-13 Detail of Field Setup for Purging and Sampling Well
  6-14 Field Setup for Purging and Sampling Well
  6-15 Bailers for Purging and Groundwater Sampling
  6-16 Peristaltic Pump Head
  6-17 In-line 0.45 Micron Filter
  6-18 Isokinetic Sampler Constructed of Teflon
  6-19 Niskin Bottle Sampler
  6-20 VOC sampler
  6-21 Churn Splitters