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TGM for the Implementation of the Hawai'i State Contingency Plan
Section 4


  4-1 Example Decision Units
  4-2 Sample Increment Collection
  4-3 Sample Processing in Field
  4-4 Obtaining Subsamples in the Field
  4-5 Obtaining Subsamples in the Laboratory
  4-6 Use of a Sectorial Splitter to Collect Subsamples
  4-7 Collecting Subsurface Multi-Increment Samples
  4-8 Coring Device for Soil Increment Collection
  4-9 Collecting Soil Increments from a Split Spoon Sampler
  4-10 Methanol Containers for Volatile Samples
  4-11 Soil Cores Multi-Increment-Sampled
  4-12 Grid of Discrete Sample Points
  4-13 Identification of Large Spill Areas from Discrete Samples
  4-14 Multi-Increment Decision Units Chosen with Use of Initial Discrete Sampling Data
  4-15 Limitations of Discrete Samples to Identify "Hot Spots"
  4-16 Use of Field XRF Data to Screen a Site for Large Spill Areas