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TGM for the Implementation of the Hawai'i State Contingency Plan
Section 3


  3-1 Expanded Overview of the Site Assessment Process
  3-2 Nine Steps of the Systematic Planning Approach
  3-3 Summary of Environmental Hazards Considered in a Typical Environmental Hazard Evaluation
  3-4 Pictorial Conceptual Site Model
  3-5 Four Default Conceptual Site Models provided in the HDOH Tier 1 EALs
  3-6 Default Conceptual Site Model
  3-7 Expanded Conceptual Site Model
  3-8 Model/example of Exposure Area Decision Units
  3-9 Decision Unit to Investigate Suspected PCB Spill
  3-10 Decision Unit for Large Agricultural Site
  3-11 Decision Units at an Industrial Site
  3-12 Former and Planned Uses as Bases for Decision Units
  3-13 Example Neighborhood-Scale Decision Units
  3-14 Example Lot Scale Decision Units
  3-15 Hypothetical Lot-Size Decision Units
  3-16 Grouped Lots for Decision Units at a Proposed Residential Site
  3-17 Decision Units to Investigate a Contaminated Commercial