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Technical Guidance Manual


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NOTICE: Drafts/Preliminary Updates of four separate TGM Sections have been posted on the HEER Office website, What’s New Section - for public review and comment (see entries for January and February 2016). These include:

  1. Draft of new TGM Section 8 – Field Screening Methods, Comments due March 15, 2016;
  2. Preliminary Updates to TGM Section 3 - Site Investigation Design and Implementation, Comments due February 29, 2016;
  3. Preliminary Updates to TGM Section 4 – Decision Unit and Multi Increment Sampling, Comments due February 29, 2016, and;
  4. Preliminary Updates to TGM Section 5 – Soil and Sediment Sample Collection, Comments due February 29, 2016

(Preliminary Updates to TGM Sections 3, 4, and 5 were posted together as a package as they are closely related)

The “Invitation to Comment” letters posted with these Draft/Preliminary Updates indicate how you may comment and where to send comments in the requested time frame. We welcome and solicit any comments to help us improve these guidance Sections before they are finalized and posted to this TGM.

Welcome to the HEER Office Technical Guidance Manual Homepage!

The HEER Office Technical Guidance Manual (TGM), also called the Hawai'i HEER TGM, provides in-depth guidance on environmental assessment and cleanup under Hawai'i Revised Statutes, 128D.

The HEER Office TGM, accessed through the link on this homepage, has been updated and provided in an easy to use electronic format.  See "Log of TGM Updates" link for details when each section of the TGM was posted or updated for use.

The TGM contains recommended technical approaches and procedure, but is considered guidance only, not regulation. Property owners or environmental consultants can propose alternate technical strategies or methods to the HEER Office, as long as they can be demonstrated to adequately address the site investigation and/or site cleanup objectives.

Please use this TGM homepage to Register for TGM Update Announcements, or to Submit Comments to the HEER Office on TGM corrections, suggested edits, or the need for additional guidance. Input received will be carefully considered for periodic updates or additions to the TGM.

Please contact the HEER Office to report releases of hazardous substances or to discuss technical questions related to reporting, release responses, or other requirements.

Office of Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response
Hawai'i State Department of Health
919 Ala Moana Boulevard, Room 206
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Telephone: (808) 586-4249
From Maui (toll-free): 984-2400 ext 64249
From Hawai'i (toll-free): 974-4000 ext 64249
From Kaua'i (toll-free): 274-3141 ext 64249
Moloka'i or Lāna'i (toll-free): (800) 468-4644 ext 64249
Fax: (808) 586-7537
After Hours to report releases: (808) 247-2191
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